Sunsational Tips

Beach vacations are a valuable time spent with family and friends and should be a comfortable, relaxing experience for everybody around. Here at Sunsational Rentals we believe that beach etiquette is beneficial to making sure that all people and wildlife are respected, as well as ensuring that everybody has a great time on the island and in the sun. We’ve put together some important tips to keep in mind while staying on beautiful Topsail Island.

  • Please leave only your footprints in the sand. Trash receptacles are available for your convenience at the beach accesses.
  • Remove all equipment from the beach and store at your rental property each night.
    • Also please take equipment with you each time you leave the beach.
    • It is unlawful to leave equipment unattended on the beach for extended periods of time.
  • Rinse salt and sand off of beach equipment after each use to avoid rapid corrosion and discomfort.
  • No glass bottles on the beach.
  • Don’t feed seagulls while others are around to avoid large flocks of birds.
  • Don’t climb, sit or play on the sand dunes as it is unlawful and harmful to the environment.
  • Fill any deep holes that your party digs in the sand.
    • Prevents hazardous unseen drops to people walking at night.
    • Can be obstructive to emergency vehicles who cannot see them.
  • Keep ocean front lights off at night out of respect for nesting sea turtles.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all times.
    • Please be neat and clean up after your pet using the complimentary pet waste bags and bins along the beach accesses.
  • Do not grill on porches, decks or inside garages.
    • It is unlawful and extremely dangerous to grill around wood with the constant sea breeze.
    • All grilling must occur on ground level of the property and at least 100 feet away from the unit.

Sunsational Rental Tips

  • Our website is the easiest and most convenient way to place your order.
  • For best availability, book orders a couple weeks in advance to reserve equipment during our busiest time of the year, June – August.
  • Remember that all product rates are per individual item, per week.